Scrap and Recycling in West Jordan, UT

scrap metal recyclingNeed a place where you can unload your unwanted scrap metal? Looking for a dealer that’ll pay you the best scrap metal prices in West Jordan, UT? Searching for foundry services to melt down and reuse your metal materials? Custom Industries Inc. welcomes scrappers, bulk metal recyclers and general customers!

We aim to be the number one destination for local metal recycling and scrap metal processing. Not only do we pay out some of the best prices in the area, we offer foundry services to process your scrap back down into raw materials. We’re also family-friendly and customer-centric, promising a great experience every time you visit.

Current Prices

We proudly pay top dollar for all of your alloys and metal materials. Bring us any of the following and let us give you cash for your materials today.

**All prices are subject to change at any time. Please call in advance to confirm prices.


Foundry Services

Raw materials aren’t cheap, which is why it pays to recycle. If you have scrap that needs to be processed down to raw materials by a foundry in West Jordan, UT, visit us today! We offer foundry services and will save you the cost of buying new materials by melting down your scrap into usable alloys. We can process all types of metals—just let us know what you have and we’ll be glad to work with you.


Custom Fire Pits

In addition to scrap recycling and foundry services, we also make custom fire pits. We use tank ends as firepits and love to craft custom units to sell to our customers. Our standard sizes include 24″, 30″, 38″ and 40″.


Your Go-To for Scrap Metal Services & Recycling in West Jordan, UT

For more information about any of the scrap materials we offer or to inquire about our foundry services, please visit Custom Industries Inc. today or give us a call at 801-280-3502.

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